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Choosing Your Perfect Hardwood Floor


Carpet Connection offers two different hardwood flooring constructions from a vast number of flooring manufacturing companies…Engineered and Solid.  While much made about the advantages of one over the other, the fact is that both are equally beautiful, and in most situations, equally long lasting.  Many of the manufacturers that we carry offer a lifetime structural warranty and a 25 year finish warranty on both constructions.  Here is a quick overview of the key differences between the two constructions.


Solid Construction 

This is just what it sounds like.  Each plank is a single ½” – 1” thick, solid piece of your chosen species of wood, topped with multiple layers of protective polyurethane finish and aluminum dioxide for UV protection.  Solid construction can be sanded and refinished if necessary and for this reason is often the preferred choice of homeowners particularly worried about long-term damage to their flooring.

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Engineered Construction 

Here each plank is created using five or more layers of natural hardwood laminated “cross-grained” to each other.  This base is then topped with a premium layer of your chosen hardwood species and multiple coats of protective polyurethane finish and aluminum dioxide for UV protection.  This construction counters wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes.  It also gives floors unusual resistance to warping and buckling.  Engineered floors are also generally thinner than solid.  This has little impact on floor life, but it can minimize the height differential between your new floor and the other floors around it.


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